About us
We are not just a company, we are an asset, the most innovative guardian of your services or products; whatever they may be, wherever they may be.

About us

Synergy Telematics is one of the renowned providers of mobile asset management solutions. We believe that a SIM can become the heart of a machine and wireless technologies coupled with mobile applications can help businesses track the pulse of their machine.
We at, Synergy Telematics, understand the uniqueness of each business and realize the importance of tailor-making solutions for every enterprise. Our ultimate goal is to emerge as one stop shop solution for every enterprise exploring remote tracking solutions. We have served diverse market segments across logistics, education institution, healthcare providers, security and police agencies, public and private transport operators and BPOs, banks, retailer and utility services. Read more
  • Why Choose Us

    By mastering the art of real-time tracking systems for fleet management and security applications, Synergy Telematics believes in blending Read More
  • Vision

    hardware, solutions and services specialist. We can help you configure a tracking solution no matter what your line of business or industry telecommunications Read More
  • Mission

    it is never about restricting ourselves with boundaries; it is always about synergizing telecommunication for next generation by keeping innovation. Read More