Ambulance Management System

Ambulance Tracking System (ATS) by Synergy Telematics is a focused solution on making ambulances readily available to patients in the shortest possible time corresponding to their requirement. It is a specialized GPS tracking system that is aimed at efficient management of ambulance fleet by redirecting them from a nearby location to a shorter path to hospital than the traditional way of sending the ambulance all the way from hospital to the critical spot.
After extensive study and analysis this GPS-based Emergency Medical Service has evolved. In this, the GPS-powered Tracker devices will accumulate the site coordinates from the GPS satellites and dispatch them in real-time manner to the central server through GPRS-enabled SIM. Further on, the concerned or the authorized can also correspond with the ambulance driver instantly through PDA, and direct them with the driving directions to the nearest hospital by using maps.
Synergy Telematic’s Ambulance Tracking System comes with the following features:
  • 1) Live tracking and real-time status information of all the available ambulances in a certain locality or area
  • 2) Handling the emergency calls with utmost sincerity
  • 3) Providing expert systematized caller interrogation
  • 4) Using the script provided by the Synergy's Ambulance Dispatch system in order to determine the type of severity of the patient's illness or injury
  • 5) Speedy SMS alerts for doctors and hospitals before the ambulance arrives
  • 6) Distant medical aid from doctors or medical practitioners via a dedicated SOS button
  • 7) Helps hospitals to keep their ambulances in check and be emergency-ready
  • 8) An improved management and responsibility of ambulance operations
  • 9) A voluntary biometric sensor for ambulance driver
  • 10) Ensures drivers are at assigned staged locations
  • 11) Cuts response time at the time of emergencies
  • 12) Caller ID with database integration
  • 13) Centralised, expandable recording archive and lookup system
  • 14) Maintains history of all cases and makes management future-ready