Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking means "Tracking the Movement of your Physical Assets". Synergy Telematics provides solutions to track your assets globally using GPS Asset Trackers. The type of tracker, its quality and size are selected based on the requirements or frequency with which the position of the device must be known. We provide solutions to handle your assets permanently. Right from tools to know-how to be able to identify and track your assets, our Fixed Asset and Inventory Management services ensure the fiscal integrity of the your asset is made through the effective management. We help in reducing taxes, eliminating redundant work and improving decisions by enhancing efficient. With our asset management services, audits are fast and support proactive asset management. Constituents of Asset Tracking System includes GPS Tracking Devices, Network Intelligence, security, scalability for Software Application, Display Interaction, Data Forwarding, Remote Asset management, Mapping and Reporting.
Advantages of Asset Tracking Solution from Synergy Telematics:
1) Frequent, accurate and constantly contactable solutions
2) Excellent performance in an adroit manner
3) Need based Customization
4) Removes the confusion and insensitivity of tracking your assets
5) Surety and safety of assets under non active monitoring
Features of Asset Tracking System from Synergy Telematics
  • 1) Asset Data Collection into Webpage/Mobile Devices/PC Software
  • 2) State-of-the-art Mobile software tools for mobile and PC access
  • 3) Deployment - assigning the assets and moving them into production
  • 4) MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes)
  • 5) Auto-Discovery Interface
  • 6) Maintenance and Asset Warranty
  • 7) Asset Alerts on data details
  • 8) Help Ticket Management and Help Desk
  • 9) Disposal and Depreciation
  • 10) Contracts (including Lease Management)