Corporate Cabs Management System

With an increasing concern regarding employee security, on-time and safe pick & drop service has become extremely important for corporates. Processes like remote mapping are deployed in order to achieve an immediate notification in case if any deviation is encountered. Synergy telematics provides dispatch and GPS tracking systems to manage all of the employee mobility related data. Our expertise can help you better maintain your existing business while achieving overall growth. Our solutions have been developed with highest quality of service and Domain Knowledge to maintain complex interactions. Our virtual roster management system is a powerful, fully featured, highly configurable and modular solution, which is packed with features to handle scheduling, time and attendance and manual labor analysis. We make continuous improvement in our systems and technologies with latest industry trends to keep them upto the highest standards. In corporate and BPOs timely pickup of employees and safe dropping is one of the major service of their transport department.
Advantages of Corporate Cabs Management System from Synergy Telematics
  • 1) Immediate notification upon deviation from the route
  • 2) Remote mapping of complete fleet
  • 3) Accommodate odd shift timings
  • 4) Efficient route vs. cab management that reduces traveling time and delays
  • 5) Vehicle speed monitoring
  • 6) Shortest route identifier
  • 7) Marking of pickup/drop points on the Map
  • 8) Instant alerts on email/SMS
  • 9) Live activity monitoring on map
  • 10) Reports and history tracking
  • 11) Troubleshooting of technical and administrative issues
  • 12) Efficient time-management and scheduling of buses and cabs