Defense Management Systems

We, at Synergy Telematics, are known for deploying GPS technology to a broad variety of military operations, including precision guided munition strike, force tracking, search and rescue, and remote piloting of unmanned aerial vehicles. Post reviewing, researching and understanding the fact that GPS solutions within a military or defense environment has to be extremely robust, reliable and accurate; we developed portable and handy Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) that caters to the ever evolving needs of differing geographies and applications. Whether you take care of defense testing, classified signals, evaluating GPS/GNSS receiver performance, testing a new release or confirming performance matches up to design specification, our Defense Management System can come to your rescue. Our convenient Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) provides you with precision guidance capabilities for vehicular, hand-held, sensor and gun laying applications. It is one of the most advanced, small and low-weight hand-held receiver for the war fighter available in contemporary times and has an extremely easy-to-use man-machine interface (Graphical User Interface and moving-maps).
Advantages of Defense Management Systems from Synergy Telematics:
1) Armed with a proven design that passes environmental, serial port and software testing for a field-ready unit
2) Compact, lightweight and water resistant
3) Load and view map sets including vector maps, raster maps, satellite imagery and non-geospatial (bitmap) images.
4) Increases situational awareness in military by displaying maps/images, waypoints, routes and alerts.