Dial 100 PCR Management System

As a concept, police control rooms are a technology based medium where police makes use of communication systems, such as radio, telephones and radars, to track citizen’s complaints. However, with the evolving times, the sheer volumes and numbers of cases that police personals need to keep a track of cases on per day basis has gone way beyond human control. It is then that technologically advanced firms like Synergy Telematics have developed state-of-the-art Police Control Room (PCR) Dispatch that aids in reducing the PCR response time.
We, at Synergy Telematics, truly care about the safety of our customers. Hence, our aim in Police Management System has always been to provide a solution by which police personnel can response immediately in the increasingly volatile and dangerous urban environments, safeguarding the security of common citizens
Our GIS/GPS based system is backed by rich database at the backend that is critical for facilitating tracking of the exact location of any PCR on the digital maps. By using Synergy Telematics’ Police Control Room (PCR) Dispatch, one can get direct feed for the first information of a crime or mishap to the nearest PCR available in the vicinity of the incident. What’s more, it helps the PCR in getting a direct and well laid route plan, guiding it to the spot of the crime, and raising alarm the very moment the PCR goes beyond its patrolling area. PCR Dispatchers can more effectively manage the entire area by pin-pointing the exact location of all active police cars in and around the vicinity of incident area.
Advantages of Police Control Room (PCR) Dispatch from Synergy Telematics:
1) Improves crime detection
2) Enhances public safety by making more timely, accurate and complete information
3) Dramatically reduces response time
4) Digital, secured voice recording
5) Comes armed with high-tech GIS-based Object Identification
6) Efficient police vehicle utilization
7) Increases productivity by eliminating redundancy and unnecessary task
8) Improves the mobile unit(s) asset management by increasing the remote control capabilities
9) Real-time monitoring and control
10) Flexible query and report generation
11) Vehicle route history and statistics
Synergy Telematic’s Police Control Room (PCR) Dispatch comes with the following features:
  • 1) As soon as anyone reports of crime on 100, the Police Control Room Dispatcher automatically locates the incidents through a Geographical Information System (GIS).
  • 2) It creates incidents through a computerized call taking system.
  • 3) Instantly locates the nearest vehicle to attend the incident through an automatic GPS based system.
  • 4) Tracks the incident and dispatches vehicles to attend through a computerized dispatch system.
  • 5) Performs all the police control functions for running the control room through a rich MIS system.
  • 6) As soon as information gathered, it is shared with the respective police stations.