Education Management System

By entrusting a solid and convenient GPS Tracking Systems for public school systems, Synergy Telematics takes up as its responsibility to provide safety to your children. Supported by our loyal clientele of public school administrators, we seek to effectively manage school transportation system by providing them with bus routes, monitor driver’s behavior and ensure utmost safety of the children. We understand that pick-up and drop-offs of thousands of school children requires accurate bus route planning, hence our system maximizes fuel efficiency and minimizes mileage, helping administrators define the safest, quickest and fuel-efficient routes. An effective and safe way of installing GPS tracking devices within a school system’s fleet can inform administrators in case of emergencies, such as stalled or stolen school bus and minimize the risk of injury. Moreover, our GPS tracking devices is well equipped to record the routes with precision, directly helping school administrators in efficient staff monitoring.
Advantages of Education Management System from Synergy Telematics:
1) Determining and correcting the most inefficient routes in your system.
2) A low-cost method that drastically saves up on time
3) Leads to increased student’s ridership, hence adding to new revenue systems
4) Monitors daily dispatches so that parents can be tension-free
5) Provides real-time bus stoppage to the parents
6) Reduction in waiting time at pick up points/bus stops
7) Helps in perking up driver’s performance
8) Rescheduling and easy scheduling of bus routes
9) It is the safest and secured mode of transportation