Fleet Management System

Synergy Telematics’ Fleet Management System allows you to reliably communicate with your fleet of drivers anytime, anywhere. A robust technology that tracks driver and vehicle performance, our device is loaded with GPS fleet tracking, asset utilization, and driver safety with a location intelligent platform that scales to fleet of all sizes. By meeting the demands of rising fuel costs and complicate candidates, our professional and enterprise version of fleet management specializes in providing increased customer service expectations. We aim at imparting our IT and business stakeholders with right tools to optimally make use of GPS across the enterprise, with flexible APIs and GPS hardware options. We serve commercial fleet over a wide range of industries; namely, construction, cable and telecommunications, energy and mining, mobile field workforce, passenger transportation, landscape, city management, trucking and logistics, utilities and waste management. We resolve many ongoing fleet-wide problems, such as excessive fuel costs, vehicle deprivation and manual logbook reporting loaded with errors. By slashing down on fuel costs and a host of other unauthorized vehicle usage, we uphold the safety compliance to provide a win-win fleet management equation to our customers.
Advantages of Fleet Management System from Synergy Telematics:
  • 1) Gain real-time visibility to keep a tab on vehicle location and driver’s behavior
  • 2) Monitors driving patterns and excessive idling
  • 3) Making sure that accurately scheduled picks-ups get loaded
  • 4) Decrease in damaged inventory
  • 5) Tracks employee hours, avoids costly billing mistakes, and validates compliance with directives and mandates
  • 6) Enhance customer experience by enabling customers to track their shipments online
  • 7) Automated processes and record-keeping of fleets
  • 8) Uses vehicle-performance data to plan further activities
  • 9) Request on-the-spot service by using push-to-talk (PTT) function
  • 10) Fleet managers can significantly increase their fuel economy