Healthcare Management Systems

Right from catering to opportunities in real-time patient tracking to a host of other personal healthcare applications, Synergy Telematics’ Healthcare Management Systems is undoubtedly the next big thing in the generation of info-communications. We use a hybrid mobile-based location technique model that uses the global positioning system (GPS) along with cellular mobile network to provide patient’s location tracking system (PLTS), helping caregivers locate patients at the time of emergencies. This foolproof technology is demonstrated through a series of location detecting tests conducting under a variety of operating conditions. Backed with an aim to enhance the existing personal healthcare communication system, we improve real-time outcomes for patients and communities at-large by encouraging innovation and sustainable. This GPS-based patients-empowering technique, covers a broad range of emergency coverage -- going beyond the home and garden coverage offered by established senior alert systems.
Advantages of Healthcare Management Systems from Synergy Telematics:
1) Prioritizes demand over supply in healthcare sector
2) Caters to accurate patient emergencies
3) Real-time medical monitoring services, location tracking, and instant voice contact with trained emergency response operators
4) Keeps the patients and the linked caregiver fully informed about the condition
5) Maps towns and cities showing health centers, pharmacies and health camps, etc
6) Provides database for academic discipline and practical decision-making in public and private healthcare organizations
7) Protects patient's confidentiality under all circumstances