Intelligent Transport System

Synergy Telematics has embraced the concept of ‘mobility management’ in public transport management system. A stickler to the principle, ‘forewarned is forearmed’, we are proactively armed with a bus/driver ranking system, which works exclusively to weed out potentially dangerous and reckless drivers, way before they become capable of causing serious damage. We have a series of driving performance parameters in check, which gives us timely updates on drivers who have disregarded the rules and keeps a tab on speeding vans, erratically driven cabs and reckless busses.
It is our constant endeavour to meet public transit daily operational challenges with innovative and efficient solutions. No wonder, this ranking system has the feature of displaying exact arrival time of each bus on the board, helping commuters to be up-to-date and board the bus as per their convenience. This wonder concept is an amalgamation of various other technologies, such as Route Mapping, Way Points and Weight Sensors, which provides real-time updates in tracking any sort of unlawful loss of grains in transit. The problem of increasing thefts in public transport system is also been taken care of by the able use of GPS technology in the system. To enable better scheduling, routing and capacity control, this solution is streamlining access to real-time information on public transportation assets.
Since years, Synergy Telematics is known for providing safest and best-in-class contemporary public transport system, transporting people to every area of city life, from public to health to tourism. A valid and cost-efficient way of supporting the management and operation of transport services, for us the safety, welfare and comfort of our passengers and staff is of utmost priority.
Advantages of Public Transport Management System from Synergy Telematics:
  • 1) Constant and real-time updates to passengers
  • 2) Eases the difficulty of dealing with reckless city drivers who endanger pedestrians and passengers
  • 3) Ensures a smooth, accurate, fast and secure public transport
  • 4) Renders utmost trust and satisfaction to passengers
  • 5) Provides a proactive and preventive approach
  • 6) Sets new revenue streams in place, ensuring a boost in passenger using public transport on day-to-day basis
  • 7) Keeps route planning in check and reduces non-efficiency
  • 8) Perks up driver performance, keeping them alert and vigilant at all times