Logistics Management Systems

Synergy Telematics’ logistics services have been validated by a long list of esteemed customer acquisitions who have used our time-honored fleet or asset tracking services. Our Public Tracking System, also known as GPS Vehicle Tracking System, allows an easy and swift access to desired location of taxi-cabs, public transportation vehicles, airport shuttles, school buses and many more. Our reputed clientele consisting of scores of logistics companies, competitive business houses, corporate fleets, municipalities and governments, makes use of our cutting-edge GPS trackers, for the purpose of enhanced safety, robust security, increased cost-effectiveness and streamlined and well integrated options. Our logistic services provides our clients a leg-up over other competitors by helping them to maximize revenue, lower operational costs, slash down overhead costs, labor costs and reduce the usage of fuel and emissions.
Synergy Telematics can undertake a wide variety of ready-to-use GIS data for transportation and logistics, build and maintain MIS reports, seamlessly integrate third party applications such as Geo-Spatial and ICT Services, along with vigorous tracking facilities. Apart from this, we dedicate ourselves to extend our logistic services to safeguard families, help law enforcement and allow worldwide government agencies to improve their national security. Our utility network can also be leveraged by railways and airports to map their field assets, further using this database to optimize the utilization of line capacity and keep up with time and customer schedule.
Advantages of Logistics Management Systems from Synergy Telematics:
1) Tracks vehicles by procuring real-time data of travelling speed, expected speed and time of location
2) Schedules future trips considering parameters, such as toll points and check points
3) Ensure cost competitive services by reducing idle time, breakdowns, theft and turnaround time
4) Centrally controls asset security and fragmented logistics
5) Helps in foolproof planning after dispatch