Personal Tracking System (GPS Based)

The GPS system offered by us can be installed on personal vehicles to provide tracking and safety of passengers travelling within at any moment. The personal vehicle tracking system can be accessed with an internet connection allowing monitoring of vehicles and family. This system can also be used to monitor aging parents and kids in case they get lost or in case of an emergency. Such a solution is extremely useful for a person travelling to a new city who is not familiar with the places there.
Advantages of personal vehicle tracking system from Synergy Telematics:
  • 1) Emergency situation alerts with screen pop up
  • 2) Reduction of time spent at unauthorized locations
  • 3) In transit monitoring and safety of people and goods
  • 4) Daily/trip wise automatic reports can be generated
  • 5) Locations monitoring of sales and marketing teams
  • 6) Faulty visit reports
  • 7) Vehicle accidental notifications
  • 8) Safety tracking of children through mobile devices without ring