Personal Tracking Systems

Looking at a steep rise in crime rates, nowadays, the use of Synergy Telematics’ GPS technologies is becoming more and more ubiquitous. By using our assortment of foolproof GPS Tracking Systems, you can easily track your loved ones and valuables. Our personal tracking system tracks vehicles, sends immediate messages to mobile phones or motion detectors and instantly triggers alarm notifications to allow assistance to be deployed. These alert messages can be sent in variety of ways, such as audible alerts that uses built-in microphone and speaker for communication or instant e-mail notification to parents, relatives, friends or monitoring center. Apart from this, for personal safety and security, a panic button can issue an alarm with location information to multiple chosen phone numbers. Its advantages can be maximized by giving an extra layer of protection and keeping a constant eye on your ageing parents and young kids. Such a solution is also extraordinarily valuable for a person travelling to a new city and is not familiar with the places there.
Advantages of Personal Tracking from Synergy Telematics:
1) Out of order visits can be easily tracked and reported
2) Emergency situation alerts with screen pop up
3) Real-time person tracking ensure safety and security
4) Daily/trip wise automatic reports can be produced
5) Location monitoring of sales and marketing teams
6) Vehicle emergency notifications in case of accidents or faulty vehicle