Public transit HD Infotainment System

Synergy Telematics' public transit HD Infotainment System is exquisitely designed to meet the futuristic entertainment requirement for highly specialised In-Bus entertainment systems. Right from making passengers tap to foot-thumping music to flipping through high definition images and watching rich HD multimedia quality video, while the driver listens to radio anytime, our systems have the capacity of enlivening a boring bus journey into an exciting experience. A great way for long-distance coaches and high-end tour drivers and bus operators to earn extra revenue and manage their fleets in a super efficient manner, our HD Media on Demand (MOD) system infotainment systems are known for delivering end-to-end information to our customers, resulting into an increase customer retention.

Contemporary Chic Design

A highly compatible system, it is available in a variety if I/O design and is packed with vehicle peripherals integration. Its high definition (HDMI out, 1080P) features and compact size design (1 DIN Form Factor) makes it the most preferred choice among modern day bus operators. Its cloud control center can support various quick uses, such as vehicle information, route information, advertisement, statistics analysis and efficient fleet management. What's more, that its anti-thief design and auto-grade quality along with its dual-zone design makes it extremely user-friendly for passengers and drivers alike. This system, in particular, is highly technology-oriented where one server manages video and data streaming for up to 60 clients simultaneously based on POE (Power over Ethernet) structure. In addition to coaches and high-end tour buses, it can be extensively applied to trains and ferries with a large number of seats.

Compelling and Engaging Multimedia Integration for Passengers

Along with this, it also delivers real-time passenger information, route information, and sleek advertising options to riders and passengers waiting for transportation, or inside the vehicle. Synergy Telematic's infotainment systems are known for their rich multimedia features, such as movies, music, photo, radio, aux, internet TV and driver announcement. Large and vibrant digital LCD screens are well equipped to provide basic route status information, such as arrival times, personal LED reading light on each seat, USB charger for personal electric devices and service bell for getting off. Our system has pioneered the function of 'Coach Multi-Touch' in vehicle infotainment industry. Passengers can enjoy unlimited multimedia by personal 7" or 10" touch monitor, such as HD movies, music, android games, live FM radio, satellite TV, internet and local USB play.

Every Bus Operator's Dream

A pure win entertainment system for bus operators, we provide push advertisement, online shopping, ordering system, questionnaire, vehicle diagnostics and fleet management options. Not only this, Synergy Telematics' robust infotainment system provides other useful content, such as news feed, location-based advertising, and current time and weather update.

Features of Synergy Telematics' Micro Channel Adapter (MCA) for Public Transit

Your one-stop bus entertainment system is packed with following integrated features:

  • 1) Can support 8 audio channels and up to 99 video channels.
  • 2) 4 external audio inputs, and can be expanded up to 8.
  • 3) Has auto channel detection, integrated with 1-DIN HDD player and LCD monitors.
  • 4) User-friendly PC tool with more than 8,000 songs from SD Card.
  • 5) Quite simple to install, water-resistant and double earphone jacks.
  • 6) Comer armed with intelligent broadcasting and easy content management.
Features of Synergy Telematics' HD Android Media on Demand (MOD) System for Public Transit

The super fun and entertaining HD Android MOD systems are packed with the following features:

  • 1) It has super sleek and adjustable 7"/10" Touch monitor with high resolution.
  • 2) It is well recommended for its self-diagnosis, route information, driver announcement and fleet management system.
  • 3) Provides e-shopping and e-ticketing system to increase revenue.
  • 4) One server can support up to 60 clients.
  • 5) Provides real-time TV programs through DTV, IPTV or satellite TV.
  • 6) Its stylish and intuitional UI supports 8 different languages.
  • 7) Rich Multimedia access, such as internet, movies, music, games, and RSS news.
  • 8) Each monitor provides live FM radio on demand instead of internet FM.
  • 9) Setting of pay per movie, especially made for bus operators can increase revenue.
HD Infotainment System for Public Transit by Synergy Telematics