Retail Management Systems

Synergy Telematics’ retail experience can fundamentally revolutionize the way we shop and interface with retailers. Relating to the fact that analytical future of shopping is going to make use of smart applications and sales where human behavior and psychology form the core basis of any sort of business model and technology; we have developed Wi-Fi location based analytics (LBS) systems that provides retailers with truckload of benefits. A never-before-witnessed experience for shoppers, through our technology retailers can have a look at location analytics, compare and weigh total footfall or push marketing plans based upon location and streamlined customer behavior. This can further help the retailers to give a boost to customer loyalty, and deepen relationship with current setup of customers. By reducing time and effort, retailers can help customers make more informed and insightful shopping experience. Our Wi-Fi based analytics also aims at providing a more personalized shopping experience to the build a new customer base.
Advantages of Retail Management Systems from Synergy Telematics:
By keeping a tab on how the customers actually behave on the shopping site, our Wi-Fi location services help in:
1) Maximization and use of any floor plan with improved insight
2) Determining the most trafficked location to position or price products or services
3) Tweaking venue layout to position good and services among the most visited pathways in shopping mall
4) Optimizing shopper’s flow at times of high usage
5) Allocating efficient staff services in accordance to customer flows and time of the day
6) Calculating the importance of fruitful results of floor plan adjustments