School Bus Tracking & Attendance System

School Bus Tracker is a GPS- based system that can be installed on school buses, helping parents track the safety of their kids at any moment. The main aim of this system is to aid schools in getting preferred school status for parents by offering distinguishing services. The core function of the application is to send SMS alerts to parents just few minutes before the arrival of bus to its designated stop, hence helping parents save the precious time and keeping long wait for the bus at bay. This application proves to be a bane for parents by giving them a sense of security at the times of grave emergency services, such as abnormal weather, extreme traffic conditions, riots, and so on. Apart from this, it also checks for the school bus driver’s licenses and qualifications, helping school transportation operations to constantly manage driver’s information, keep a tab on their daily dispatches, and effectively plan future dispatches. Our technologically robust Dispatching Solutions provides easy-to-track dispatching, simplified reporting and accurate driver records, making it easier to generate detailed reports and keep constant checks.
Advantages of School Bus Tracking from Synergy Telematics:
  • 1) Optimizes fleet size effectively
  • 2) Reduces unplanned and unproductive route planning reduction
  • 3) A low-cost method that drastically reduces time
  • 4) Aids in increased student’s ridership and generates new revenue systems
  • 5) Guarantees a safe and secured transportation
  • 6) Monitors daily dispatches so that parents can be tension-free
  • 7) Reduction in waiting time at pick up points/bus stops
  • 8) Helps in perking up driver’s performance
  • 9) Rescheduling and super easy scheduling of bus routes
  • 10) Arrival time of buses and change in notification instantly informed
  • 11) Provides real-time bus stoppage to the management