Security Surveillance Services

Security surveillance services can act as security guards for your organization's most important assets. Capturing criminal activities on our security surveillance cameras enable you to provide video evidence to police.
These days, everyone has an inbuilt camera in their mobile, but that doesn't mean they can set-up a reliable audio and video surveillance system. We provide experienced professionals to ensure that the system will be properly hidden and that legally collects all information. No matter what form of a particular investigation is required, we provide fully secured footage to our customer.
Surveillance services has been structured with the following module :
  • 1) Discreet Proof & Service
  • 2) Audio surveillance
  • 3) Customer surveillance
  • 4) Simple or complex investigations
  • 5) Involvement of single or multiple subjects Module
  • 6) Employee monitoring or surveillance Module
  • 7) One or multiple locations
  • 8) Suspect Evidence
  • 9) Dispatch server engine module
  • 10) Hidden video surveillance
  • 11) Secure Footage