Waste Management Monitoring System

Management of Waste, in a competent manner, is one of the key challenges our cities are facing. From New York to New Delhi, management of waste in an upbeat and environment-friendly manner is a daunting task. Hence, realizing the need of managing waste efficiently, Synergy Telematics has devised and developed a disruptive GPS-based Waste Management Application that is well-equipped with GIS-based ‘Shortest Route Identification’ to dumping site, along with keeping a track on secondary collection sites clearance. . Our waste management system makes use of evolved technologies, such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, GPS and integrated software packages to facilitate better quality data to be collected sans the use of manual entry. Driven by the state-of-the-art engineering and principles of data sciences, our services are best suited for the purposes of removal and cleaning of drains, allocation of employees for sweeping, allocation of vehicles for garbage transportation and disposal at the dumping site. Deployed with efficient video and picture tracking system, tracking a waste management vehicle on our GPS tracking platform ensures that drivers are doing their job of garbage lifting, transporting, disposal and tracking of various locations effectively.
Treading strong with our long-term support from our esteemed current and potential customers, our Waste Management Services continues to grow from strength to strength giving you nothing but the best!
Advantages of Waste Management System from Synergy Telematics:
1) Total control over the usage of the garbage vehicles
2) Keeping the city clean and green
3) Usage of various modules on a network to indicate the location of the bin whenever it is full
4) Send constant alerts on violations and generate intelligent reports for future purposes
5) Eliminate unauthorized usage of vehicles
6) Reduces fuel consumption
7) Offers effective commercial roll off, dumpster and demolition services
Systems and Modules that Create Synergy Telematics’ Waste Management System
  • 1) IVRS System Module
  • 2) Communication Module
  • 3) Dispatch bin module with alerts
  • 4) Dispatch server engine module
  • 5) Web based Management Module
  • 6) GIS & Mapping Module